Alchemy is the ancient art that sought to transmute base metals into gold, and to discover the elixir for everlasting life.
In modern times it has become a metaphor for transformation--for raising one's consciousness from the mundane to the spiritual.
Alchemists, an independently-owned shop in Stony Point Fashion Park, is committed to providing books and gifts for transformation, and is an oasis of peace & relaxation for the body, mind & spirit. In a gallery-like setting, with an ambiance based on aromatherapy, relaxing music and the gentle sounds of fountains and chimes, Alchemists features books and gifts that nurture, comfort & inspire, handcrafted jewelry, art to wear, and offerings from local artisans.
Here you'll find books for spiritual development; CDs for relaxation, yoga, meditation & guided imagery; aromatherapy oils; soy candles with essential oils; intention candles; crystals, salt lamps,singing bowls, incense and sage.
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Alchemists is widely known for its selection of designer jewelry, including Michou, Kristin Ford, Ithil, and VA Artists Anne Vaughan and on u by Donna Silvestri.