Alchemy is the ancient art that sought to transmute base metals into gold, and to discover the elixir for everlasting life.
In modern times it has become a metaphor for transformation--for raising one's consciousness from the mundane to the spiritual.
Alchemists, an independently-owned shop in Stony Point Fashion Park, has been committed to providing books and gifts for transformation for 27 years and is an oasis of peace and relaxation for the body, mind and spirit. In a gallery-like setting, with an ambiance based on aromatherapy, relaxing music and the gentle sounds of fountains and chimes, Alchemists features books and gifts that nurture, comfort and inspire, handcrafted jewelry, art to wear, and offerings from local artisans.
Breathe in the positive energy in this open and airy space while you browse books for spiritual development; CDs for yoga, meditation and guided imagery; aromatherapy oils; soy candles with essential oils; intention candles; crystals, salt lamps, Tibetan singing bowls, incense, palo santo and California white sage for smudging and space clearing.
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Alchemists is widely known for its selection of designer jewelry, including Michou, Kristin Ford, Anna Balkan, Andrea Barnett and VA Artist Anne Vaughan. Sterling silver by Crystal Earth and copper bracelets by Sergio Lub are also among are bestsellers.